Who We Are

It's no coincidence that Datatron is the leader in medical document management. We have been doing it for years!

Founded in 1982 by Heard Saxon, Datatron Technical Services is located in Central Florida, just north of Orlando. Our sole mission is to assist you, the medical professional in finding better, more efficient ways to work, primarily by developing better ways to deal with the never-ending flow of paperwork. Whether it is financial documents or clinical documents, our goal is to dramatically increase efficiency in your practice by placing all of these documents at your fingertips. Our software is designed with this in mind.

Over the years we have developed and fine-tuned what we know works best. As part of this process, we have also rejected many technologies and techniques that simply don't have the payoff you need. Tremendous effort goes into the development of our software to make the user interface intuitive, yet effective. It is truly designed from a user's perspective to provide the proper balance of maximum performance for the minimum work required to get the documents into the system.

At the same time, we realize that WE are not running a medical practice, YOU are. Therefore, we place very high value on the feedback we receive from our clients. We are always interested in hearing from you. We welcome your suggestions, as well as criticism. It helps us make our software better, more effective, and more enjoyable to use.

Contact us today. We promise no high-pressure sales tactics and no hassles. Just a friendly voice to help you decide if our software solutions are right for you.